A parenting course for all adults who raise, care for, and teach children!

Adult Parenting Course

To En-light-en

“To give (someone) greater knowledge and understanding about a subject or situation; it is to give (someone) spiritual knowledge or insight”.

When we parent and/or teach children in a way that light children’s sparks of potential and raise them up to become who they were meant to be in this world… They will discover their purpose and follow their “right” paths before the sun sets for them during this lifetime!


Meet Melanie Soloway & Alysia Lyons

MELANIE SOLOWAY and ALYSIA LYONSParent Educators and Master Neuro-Transformational Life Coaches

Melanie’s mission in starting Raising Enlightened Children was to help parents and provide them with the tools to better connect with their kids and to make the parenting journey more rewarding. As a Master Neuro-transformational parent coach, Melanie is also able to guide parents in a way to identify their triggers and use the tools she teaches even more effectively. Alysia is a Master Neuro-transformational mom coach, supporting moms toward eliminating their guilt which takes so much away from the joy of parenting.

Together, Melanie and Alysia have over 25 years of parent education and coaching that transforms parenting journeys. They have the resources and skills to take their passions and missions to the next level. Raising Enlightened Children is a combination of everything they sought to achieve alone. With in person and virtual workshops and courses, weekly LIVEs, a free Facebook group, books, and a Youtube channel, they can now provide the level of support to help parents stay in alignment with their purpose and passion, so their children can grow up and do the same.

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Put Simply, this course has changed our lives. Using the techniques we learned in this class brings us closer to our children and each other on a daily basis. It has improved our communication in every aspect of our lives, including professionally. This course is a must for every parent

Ron and Felicity Vignone

As an attorney I am logical and persuasive. I could not imagine what a parenting course could possibly provide but my wife convinced me to join her. We have two year old twins. The methods and insight I gained during this course have been invaluable. They have improved communication with respect to my work, our marriage and no doubt will pay off for a lifetime of raising our children. I encourage every parent to take this course.

Christopher Arvin, Esq.

Out of the many books I have read, lectures I have attended, and comments or advice I have received from other professionals, this class has been the most enlightening, useful and transformative resource for parenting – as well as for relationship building in general that I have ever experienced. Profound!

Kathy Vaclavik

“I began the course with the utmost skepticism but early on I experienced the biggest paradigm shift of my life! The most valuable gift a parent can acquire is the power to empathize with one’s child and seeing the world through his/her eyes. Acquiring this ability is an exciting journey that I started in this course. I cannot wait to take the course again.

Michelle Nikkhoo Abbot

Thank you so much; I am much closer to my son just in these few weeks of classes! From a male perspective this course is great for my relationship with my wife as well as my co-workers.

Goerge Reis

The course lived up to all my expectations. I really believe I that I will enjoy a healthier and happier relationship with my daughter – as well as my husband and family.

Ruth Kocher

Thank you so much for reminding us how to stay present with our children. We have already seen a huge difference in our family. By giving us these great tools we are happier and much calmer with our two boys. I can’t wait to do more workshops and recommend this to all our friends.

Jean Gaskill

I honestly loved it all…[t]his course is a must for all parents. I learned to respect my wife and children.

Marc Daerrocer

This class changed how I view my role as a parent. It provided me with the tools to become a better parent and, ultimately, a better person.


Melanie was terrific, a great guide for a more loving way to parent.

Tatsinda Cohen