It can be difficult to start to “let go”. Watching their bodies morph sometimes scares us into wanting to hold on to the child they once were… or alternatively treating them like the adults they are becoming too soon. Learn the language we need to stay connected and discover the tools we need to let go. The balance of letting go while simultaneously staying on the sidelines to coach them as they cross over from children to adults through the tween and teen years.


Discover what to expect from, and how to understand and survive your child’s preteen years. Tweens are a mass of contradictions. Even as their bodies are maturing into teens, they can have temper tantrums worthy of a two-year-old! Though they want their independence, they still want to sleep with their stuffed animal! Learn tools for this highly complex stage of life.


Do your children ever power struggle over mealtimes, getting to bed or getting out the door in the morning? Is no amount of your attention ever enough? Are tantrums and meltdowns an all-too-frequent occurrence? The potential sources for conflict with our children are numerous. This class is preventative medicine for your family’s relational health